Considering Computer Programming?

Are you thinking about a career in computer programming? Here’s some advice that might help.

What it’s Like to Work as a Mobile App Developer

Listen to an experienced mobile app developer explain what it’s like to work in an agency environment.

Culinary School Graduates Are In Demand

If your passion is food and cooking, then deciding to pursue culinary training is something you should definitely consider. Culinary school graduates are in great demand all over the world. Once you’re properly trained, your employment options are wide. … Read the full entry

How Executive Search in India Can Help Your Business

Executive search in India can be a company’s greatest asset when they are trying to establish a successful business in this country. As a recent article discusses, executive search can help companies… Read the full entry

Executive Search in China – A Practical Recruiting Solution for Western Companies

China continues to attract western investors with its large and educated workforce, and as its market steadily increases (it just surpassed Japan as the second largest state in terms of GDP in the 2nd quarter of 2010).

The recruitment industry, specifically executive search firms, will play a vital part in the success of foreign investors as they try to get and retain the best executive professionals using a finite amount of resources. Read the full entry

4 Ways Social Media Has Changed the Job Hunt

How many friends or followers you have matters.

And, no, this isn’t a high school thing, a la the cheerleaders look down on the band–it’s a social media thing, and believe it or not, it actually bridges the gap between such diverse groups.

At no time has this been more evident than today; social media has undoubtedly changed life in the 2000s, but it’s also changed how we make that way of life, namely how we find jobs.

The job search process is vastly different today than it was even two years ago. No longer can job seekers solely depend on or Careerbuilder for their prospects. They can’t even depend on just face-to-face networking. Rather, they have to think globally when it comes to today’s job search—and that means understanding social media and its new role in the “Get Me Hired” process.

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Getting a Job as a Recruiter

In the human resources industry, a recruiter enjoys one of the more lucrative pay scales and interesting jobs. Rather than having to sift through countless numbers of unsolicited applications and resumes, a recruiter often gets to actively seek particular candidates for a job vacancy. Most often, these positions are only available at larger businesses who have a continuous need for fresh talent. If you are pursuing a career in the human resources field and would like to do something beyond administrative work, a position as a recruiter might be right for you.

As a recruiter, you will become intimately knowledgeable about the company that you work for and the types of employees that they need. Successful recruiters possess excellent communication skills – these come in handy for the many interviews that must be conducted. You will find the proper prospects for a particular position through many different avenues; you might peruse online resume sites, the local newspaper, use job fairs or any number of other strategies in order to track down precisely the right kind of talent. In smaller industries, word-of-mouth will also serve you well. In fact, in just about every industry WOM and networking shouldn’t be discounted.

However, the best and most streamlined way that you will keep your employee search organized and efficient is through an applicant tracking system. There are many excellent programs and software available, and once you become familiarized with one you will be able to use it for maximum effect in finding ideal candidates. From posting job vacancies to organizing resumes to approving or denying selected prospects, applicant tracking software makes the entire process much more intuitive and easier to manage. Throughout your career as a recruiter, you will undoubtedly use this type of software frequently.

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